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Habits Through Winning Hearts and Minds

Successful Work Team

We believe that change happens when HABITS are purposefully formed. 

Winning Hearts and Minds is a world-class toolkit that was designed to aid companies in improving their safety performance. We use it differently to help employees form positive habits and change old behaviours.

The basic premise of the approach is that by winning the hearts and minds of everyone at work, employees attain a positive attitude towards working safely. The concept has its roots in war strategy, in which conflict resolution is attained not through the use of force or violence, but by appealing to the emotional and intellectual being of an opposing side. In business, it is a strategy that can be used to win employees over to the cause of the company. This is done by aligning the organization’s goals with that of the employees’ personal goals, so that the success of the company becomes everyone’s individual success as well. Its application in safety, then, makes people instinctively avoid hazardous behaviour instead of being obligated to comply to a set of rules and regulations by extrinsic reinforces.

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