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Are you living a good life?

Are you living a good life?

Everyone lives. But how do you know if you are going through life or if you are living a life. More importantly how do you know if you are living a good life?

#1 Its your life,

Lots of people go through education and even careers that parents or someone else suggested for them. But is it the life that you want to live?

It should be your life, your decision, your path. Its ok to be different. Its ok to do what you want to do. Its your life!

#2: In control, making decisions and accepting consequences

A good life means that you are in control. Control of decisions as well as consequences. Living a good life means you can do exactly that.

Which brings me to another point- Its ok to make mistakes. Learn from them, get better and move on. A good life allows you to do that.

#3 Always be learning

A good life gives you time to think, to learn and to grow. You should be able to see areas in which you can improve on and then find the time to learn how to improve.

#4 Be Good

Treat others well. Don’t lie, cheat, steal. Do what’s right always. Yes there will be challenges but doing the right things means you wont hurt yourself or others.

#5 You don’t have to work 100 years before you live the good life.

Remember I said good life, I didn’t say opulent life or the lifestyle of billionaires. I just said the good life. To me the goal of life isn’t to amass a trillion dollars but its to leave a positive legacy. To help others see value in their lives and to help others see that life is more than just working 8-5 or running in a rat race.

So how do you live a good life?

I can tell you in all honesty I wasn’t living a good life in my early years. Much later I started reading some self help books. I used a little knowledge from different people. Started seeing the world differently. I started asking myself different questions. Better questions. You should too.

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