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Loving It- Singapore and its queues

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Singapore we love to queue- and we are Loving It

After three weeks of suspended operations, McDonald's Singapore announced that they will resume deliveries, drive-thru and takeaways from May 11.

While a few of the stores will be opened, they will have shorter operating hours.

However here in Singapore - one thing will never change- we love to queue. Its only been 3 weeks but it seems a lot of people need to satisfy their cravings. The queues at the Mcdonalds outlets were as long as 30-50 minutes long. Learning from experience- McDonald's staff were deployed to ensure that customers maintain safe distancing while queuing for their orders. This also applied to Food Delivery riders who had to wait outside the outlets. Singapore is special- not only do we have physical queues, we have virtual ones as well for McDelivery Due to a surge in delivery orders, some patrons had to go through a virtual queue system before even getting to the menu. Stay Strong Singapore

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