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Officer scolding construction workers with vulgarities, sparks debate, Internet Divided

In Singapore a Tiktok Video showing how an Officer was ranting ending with vulgarities divided the internet

During COVID-19, Singaporeans show how migrant workers had really poor living conditions. Cramped and dirty quarters. Then Singaporeans claimed to worry about the foreign workers and claimed to have a better appreciation and concern for the welfare of migrant workers. That was only 2020.

Now over the weekend a short 15 second Tiktok Video showing how they received severe scoldings which include vulgar language shocked many and divided all. The video has already received 1.2 million views and shared close to 4000 times.

You can follow the original poster at @rajsimplysaid on TikTok

2 Camps emerged. 1 saying workers should be better treated and the second saying the officer has every right to yell at the workers.

The video has obviously sparked a debate on line over worker welfare but the authorities have not chirped in.

In the video from @rajsimplysaid, a person wearing a blue helmet, probably the officer, can be heard screaming at the top of his voice incoherently to a group of migrant workers. He repeatedly points at them aggressively with his right hand as he yells.

All this while the workers just stand in line and do not response just taking it all in. Towards the end of the clip, the blue helmet officer starts to walk away, but he isn’t done yet. He comes back and shouts the F-word very clearly at the workers.

@rajsimplysaid questions treatment of workers.

Nobody seemed to understand what the blue helmet officer was shouting.

However, one netizen managed to decipher it as something like, “who don’t want, who die!”

Strangely many netizens defended the officer.

Claiming it was the job of the blue helmet safety to be responsible for the workers’ safety. That if he didnt do the job, there will be fines or people will die.

Of course there were the usual, my friend's friend's cousin worked in this line, my neighbour's cats new owner was from this line or my husband was in this line- all claiming workers only follow when scolded.

All the justifications to why workers must be verbally abused by their employers or the safety personnel.

The OP @rajsimplysaid was unconvinced, says scolding workers doesn’t solve issues.

From using better solutions like hiring better qualified workers, Drill & Skill, using automation etc. Some netizens backed him up, refusing to excuse the behaviour. One indicated that nobody would love a boss that shouts at them. Others mentioned that respect for others is important, even if they’re your workers, and called for professionalism.

We too believe that if you hire right, then put in the effort to really train someone to do their job professionally with quality and safety built into the process (not safety bolted on as an afterthought), you provide good supervision (by the WORK SUPERVISOR not the Safety Supervisor) who mentors, guides and corrects the person on the spot, have better communication and involve the workers - you will build a better safer culture.

Do you think the verbal abuse is excusable or justifiable? Do share your thoughts with us

For companies reading this- you can always speak to us to help you with your Safety Culture or how your staff can better solve problems

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