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Singapore Authorities looking at potential superspreading event - Clark Quay New Year Countdown

Singapore Authorities are looking into 'potential superspreading event' at Clarke Quay, after hundreds and hundreds of people gathered for supposedly impromptu New Year countdown

A supposedly impromptu New Year’s Eve gathering at Clarke Quay involved some "blatant breaches" of safe management measures and "is a potential superspreading event", said the Singapore COVID-19 multi-ministry task force.

Videos have been circulating on social media about the New Years Eve countdown at Clark Quay and Riverside Point

Singapore MTF has said that the relevant enforcement agencies are looking into the matter. It also added that such New Year Eve's countdowns or events were "suspended or curtailed" in many countries this year.

Its sad and frustrating to think that while many have endured the Safe Management Measures, these revelers are not bothered at all. While businesses have gone through 2 years of Safe Management Measures, Safe Distancing, hiring Safe Management Officers or Safe Distance Ambassadors- these revelers may have created another cluster or superspreading event.

We already have had superspreading events last year with the KTVs and "tiko" patrons, now this brings Singapore in a different limelight.

People and businesses need to remember to have their Safe Management Measures in place. The Safe Management Measures are there so we do not have another outbreak of COVID-19 or Delta or Omicron variants.

Maybe all those who breached the Safe Management Measures need to attend the Safe Management Officer course and be deployed to handle people in crowded areas.

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