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Singapore COVID-19: 26 builders ordered to stop work for failing to perform SafeEntry check-in

Its 2 June 2021 here in SINGAPORE and BCA has conducted more than 300 inspections a week from last June 2020 to more than 900 inspections a week this June 2021.

Yet some construction companies and builders have not been able to manage their Safe Management Measures well.

More than 65 builders have been found to have flouted COVID-19 safe management measures since the start of Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) on May 16, according to the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) on Wednesday (Jun 2).

Among these 65 Singapore builders, 26 builders had allowed workers or visitors to enter their worksites without performing SafeEntry check-ins at the site entrances. We need to remember that SafeEntry is how we can effectively trace any outbreaks.

In a surprising but scary statement, BCA said "These included two sites which had let in workers who were subsequently found to be COVID-positive,".

Truly this is unacceptable.

BCA said it has heightened its enforcement stance and stepped up checks at construction sites, going from 300 inspections a week from last June to more than 900 a week currently.

BCA said that this was done “to ensure that builders are doing their part to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission among the construction workforce",

BCA issued three-day stop-work orders to the builders who failed to ensure that workers or visitors checked in before entering their worksites.

Under these stop-work orders, all activities at a worksite have to be halted until builders review their safe management measures plan, rectify non-compliances and submit a compliance report to BCA.

The following are some of the non-compliances.

- Failure of deployment of TraceTogether only SafeEntry or the lax deployment of TraceTogether-only SafeEntry

- Failure to enforce SafeEntry check-ins at worksite entrances

- Builders or sites having workers without BCA’s approval performing works on site,

- Workers not adhering to safe distancing

- Workers not wearing masks,

- Worksites lacking proper zonal segregation,

- Failure to appoint Safe Management Officers or Safe Distancing Officers

- Failure to appoint Safe Management Officers or Safe Distancing Officers to escort and supervise workers or visitors who work or provide services at multiple worksites.

BCA said that it takes a very serious view of any failure to comply with safe management measures in worksites and sites that are found to have flouted this requirement would be issued stop work orders. BCA also said “As any non-compliance can easily undermine the efforts and good work of the rest of the industry in combating the transmission of COVID-19, BCA has heightened our enforcement stance against builders which are found to be non-compliant with COVID-19 laws. Builders with worksites that are found to be non-compliant will be issued longer stop-work orders, composition fines up to S$2,000 or face prosecution.”

Safe Management Measures are very critical. We don't want to see another Circuit Breaker or Lock Down or Heightened Alerts. We want things to go back to normal.

Every one needs to do their part.

Your company can also send its staff for Safety Management Officer Courses at

Or use the free Safe Management Measures toolkit at

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