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Singapore new record for COVID-19 cases- 447 15 April 2020

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Sadly Singapore has seen a huge number of confirmed cases on 15 April 2020 with a record 447 new COVID-19 cases in Singapore. Out of the 447 cases- 68% linked to known clusters With a total of 404 new cases are from foreign worker dormitories. With the 447 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday this makes the national total to 3,699. A total of 404 new cases are from foreign worker dormitories. Five are work permit holders living outside the dormitories. As for local cases in the community, 38 cases were reported on Wednesday, and there were no new imported cases. According to Ministry of Health MOH, the number of new cases among work permit holders has increased "significantly" partly due to "ongoing efforts to undertake more active testing of the workers". It increased from an average of 48 cases a day last week to 260 cases a day in the past week. The vast majority of them are residing in dormitories, added MOH. In Singapore there are NEW CLUSTER of cases. Four previously confirmed cases have now been linked to a new cluster at a dormitory located at 10 Kian Teck Crescent. One newly confirmed case is linked to three previous cases, forming a new cluster at Kian Teck Dormitory (26 Kian Teck Avenue). Another newly confirmed case is linked to six previous cases, forming a new cluster at Mandai Lodge (460 Mandai Road). Seven previously confirmed cases have now been linked to a new cluster at 234 Balestier Road. These are the updated numbers of cases at previously identified clusters: S11 Dormitory @ Punggol: 74 newly linked cases, 797 cases in total Westlite Toh Guan dormitory: 22 newly linked cases, 110 cases in total Sungei Tengah Lodge: 91 newly linked cases, 279 cases in total Mustafa Centre: One newly linked case, 87 cases in total Toh Guan Dormitory: 10 newly linked cases, 83 cases in total Tampines Dormitory: Six newly linked cases, 61 cases in total Acacia Lodge: 26 newly linked cases, 56 cases in total Cochrane Lodge I: 11 newly linked cases, 53 cases in total Cochrane Lodge II: 11 newly linked cases, 46 cases in total Tuas View Dormitory: 27 newly linked cases, 43 cases in total 31 Sungei Kadut Avenue: 16 newly linked cases, 27 cases in total 36 Woodlands Industrial Park E1: One newly linked case, 27 cases in total Renovation sites at the National University Hospital: One newly linked case, 26 cases in total Shaw Lodge: Seven newly linked cases, 24 cases in total Tech Park Crescent dormitory: Eight newly linked cases, 19 cases in total North Coast Lodge: Eight newly linked cases, 18 cases in total PPT Lodge 1A: Seven newly linked cases, 18 cases in total Kranji Lodge: Five newly linked cases, 17 cases in total Kenyon/ UBS construction site: Three newly linked cases, 15 cases in total 21B Senoko Loop: Six newly linked cases, 12 cases in total Westlite Woodlands dormitory: One newly linked case, 10 cases in total Kranji Dormitory: Two newly linked cases, nine cases in total Keppel Shipyard: One newly linked case, eight cases in total 41 DISCHARGED, INCLUDING ONE OF SINGAPORE'S EARLIEST COVID-19 PATIENTS MOH added that 41 more people have been discharged from hospitals or community isolation facilities. There are 652 have been discharged from hospital as of Wednesday and 1,496 confirmed cases who are still in hospital, and most are stable or improving. A total of 26 patients are in critical condition in the intensive care unit. The number of deaths due to COVID-19 remains at 10. IT IS NOW MANDATORY TO WEAR A MASK It is now mandatory to wear a mask when stepping out of the house. Those caught refusing to wear a mask will be fined S$300 on their first offence, while those who flout the rule a second time will be fined S$1,000. Egregious cases will be prosecuted in court. This was a new measure announced by Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong and this applies to everyone and every workplace (except those excluded) Foreign residents caught breaching these rules might have their work passes or permanent resident status revoked. Minister of Health Gan Kim Yong said: "We remain in a critical situation, the number of cases has been increasing."

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