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Tiktok Influencer or Tiktok Job?

Everyone's on Tiktok. Everyone has seemed to dump Facebook and picked up the Tiktok trend. Its fun. Its viral. Its addictive. Many have posted videos and content on Tiktok.

Instead of just being a user or an influencer on Tiktok- why not get a job with Tiktok?!

Tiktok is looking for Global Risk Analysis Lead, Trust & Safety as well as LIVE Safety Head, Trust & Safety

Stationed right here in Singapore.

According to their job description for the Global Risk Analysis Lead

You will

• Manage the global risk analysis team to set global risk assessment and management strategies to support the overall strategies of the Trust & Safety department

• Provide timely analysis when external risk factors arise, forecasting threat trajectories and giving team leaders a nuanced and cross-product threat picture based on all available information

• Lead the research projects on emerging risks and issue research; establish and manage the SOP for global risky events and escalation handling

• Collaborate with key stakeholders in the company to work on various public perception and policy-related projects

• 3+ years of full-time working experience in the Trust & Safety industry in related fields: tech risk analysis, risk management, legal counsel, public policy, etc.

• Master degree or equivalent experience, preferably in risk management, political science, international relations, journalism, public policy, law, or related fields.

• People management experience, preferably working experience in building a team from 0 to 1

• Excellent communicator

• Proficiency in English and Mandarin; writing and reading documents in both languages will be required

As for the Live Safety Head Trust and Safety

Your responsibilities

Trust & Safety team is dedicated to building a safe environment for users to discover and create on content platforms. As the head of LIVE Safety function, you will have the opportunity to work with teams of product managers, policy managers, data scientists, operations, and various relevant stakeholders to identify strategic priorities for LIVE safety and drive change initiatives.

In this role, you will:

• Formulate the LIVE Safety business plan at the org level and set overarching objectives, priorities, and success metrics;

• Drive strategic projects addressing LIVE priorities/challenges and providing thought leadership to deliver results;

• Identify org deficiencies, improve T&S LIVE-related processes, and advocate for resources to ensure sufficient and meaningful support from functional and regional T&S teams;

• Serve as the T&S LIVE's point of contact for cross-functional team members (LIVE Business, E-Commerce, Legal, Public Policy, Public Relations, etc.), handling issues and developing action plans to address them.

• 3+ years of experience in the tech industry, preferably with experience in LIVE;

• 2+ years of people management experience, proven leadership and stakeholder management skills;

• Fast learner with excellent analytical reasoning, curiosity, and acumen to business details;

• Ability to work effectively under high pressure, strong interpersonal and communication skills to engage with cross-functional teams and senior leadership on behalf of LIVE Safety team;

• Knowledge of social media challenges, sensitivity to safety or regulatory or compliance issues;

• Experience working with international partners across different time zones and cultures.

Trust & Safety is committed to the wellbeing of all our employees. Our promise is to provide comprehensive and evidence-based programs, to promote and support physical and mental wellbeing throughout each employee's journey with us. We believe that wellbeing is a relationship and that everyone has a part to play, so we work in collaboration and consultation with our employees and across our functions in order to ensure a truly person-centred, innovative and integrated approach.

TikTok is committed to creating an inclusive space where employees are valued for their skills, experiences, and unique perspectives. Our platform connects people from across the globe and so does our workplace.

Why not give it a try?

Search Tiktok Jobs and apply.

Who knows you may not just be an influencer online, but may influence a positive safety culture!

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