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If you want to make a real change - then you must understand the real problems. 

There's an old adage - people make or break companies. 

What companies see are the results. 

How would you know that you got the results because you've been "lucky"

How would you kn0w that your organization can do better?

You won't until you uncover your true organizational culture. 

This goes beyond SAFETY. The same underlying beliefs, assumptions, values and ways of interactions- does not just affect safety. This affects and influences ALL facets of the business. 

There are a number of organizations in the world that have cultures so strong that they have become known as Highly Reliable Organizations. These same HROs- are also world leading organizations.

Think Apple, Google, Amazon and many organizations in the high risk industries. 

HROs have some common characteristics: 

  • Preoccupation with failure

  • Reluctance to simplify interpretations

  • Sensitivity to operations.

  • Commitment to resilience.

  • Deference to expertise.

But most importantly they always look inward at who they are and what their internal perceptions are first. They are COMMITTED to understanding themselves.

How we do it

S@W are Organizational Experts who specialize in gathering both quantitative and qualitative behavioral evaluations to equip you with a better understanding of your organization or groups within the organization. 

To us each organization is unique and needs customised assistance. Our team of experienced experts will design and conduct the organizational surveys and assessments. 

Working with numerous organizations through the decade- S@W has its own frame work to assist companies carry out Safety Culture Perception.

We have assisted both Multinational Organizations across Asia as well as Small Medium Enterprises and all the way down to Start Ups. 

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